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Massachusetts-native CHYLD is stepping onto the Dance/Electronic scene with smooth songs sure to stick to your head. Gaining recognition with singles such as “Ice Cream” (in collaboration with Loppside) and “Rewind”, CHYLD is ready to keep pushing out major vibes this Summer with his newest release “Can We?” featuring vocals from bensbeendead.

With his new song just dropped, we thought it was only right to sit down with CHYLD himself to get to know him a little more. While speaking to him we talked about everything music from the music he’s listening to now to how he got started, his process, and how he chose his artwork for this single and others before.

RDFO: I would first want to talk about how you first got started with music. I know you picked up drums when you were 8 years-old, was that all self-taught?

CHYLD: For the most part it was self-taught, my parents sent me to a few lessons but I didn’t like them so much. I just started playing with pencils and hitting pillows. I would say that Green Day really got me interested in drumming and taking a lesson from Stewart Copeland of The Police helped too.

RDFO: Hold on, how does one stumble upon a drum lesson with Stewart Copeland?

CHYLD: It’s a long story, but a drum lesson with him was won at an auction to raise money for the high school I had gone to. Someone else had originally won it, but he ended up not being able to make it. Before that, they knew I kept my drum set with me and wanted to borrow it for Copeland to use, and next thing you know, the administration was calling me out of class and asking me if I wanted it. I couldn’t say no.

RDFO: I think every artist has their own process when it comes to creating music. In movies, they love to depict artists to be able to get an idea and immediately create their vision. Would you say that your own process is similar?

CHYLD: I think that there is some truth to that. I’ll usually think of an idea and can somewhat visualize what I want to do with a track. Sometimes it could take a few hours to a year until I reach a completed song, but I think that a lot of what gets created happens by accident. Maybe I’ll press the wrong button and it makes a sound that I think works so well and it stays in.

RDFO: Were you always interested in the Electronic/Dance scene? Or did you spend time exploring other genres before reaching the kind of sound you’re making now?

CHYLD: Yeah, I’ve always enjoyed Dance music, especially when listening to artists like Flume, Diplo, and Skrillex. Trap beats are always fun to make and I like to work on them when I’m producing for rappers, but for myself, I think that I really like the more calm Dance music.

RDFO: Besides Flume, do you have any other influences that may be more of a surprise?

CHYLD: I wouldn’t say that I have any unlikely influences, but from time to time I might listen to some progressive metal. I think that might surprise a lot of people. Recently, I’ve just been obsessed with Tyler, The Creator. The more and more I listen, the more I realize what a genius he is.

Between this new single and some fire upcoming merch, CHYLD is ready to make his mark and give everyone something to blast in their cars all Summer.

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