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Get to Know Detroit Producer Xtasea [INTERVIEW]

Anyone who listens to Electronic music should be able to see how often things/sounds get over saturated.  Cookie cutter producers around the world consistently try replicating what’s hot “now” in a quest to make a quick buck and gain the ever illusive “clout”, but every so often you’ll hear a tune and think, “this is refreshing”.

While Detroit artist Xtasea originally started playing guitar, soon after he found himself producing Happy Hardcore and diving head first into Electronic music.  While his new tune, “Forreal”, may have been my first introduction into Xtasea as an artist, one listen was all I needed to hop on board.  Opening with some synth stabs and snaps, dreamy vocals quickly come in to set the mood.  While the synths build up, so does the tension and the expectation that you are about to be served a very generic drop… that’s when things get crazy.  

The chill, pretty verses give way to an absolutely fire drop The relies on glitchy synths, bending leads, well placed vocal samples and huge drums.  While it may sound familiar when written into words, I can personally tell you that nothing about this drop is generic – but everything about it is fire.  Completely transforming the tune for the time being, a crazy bop and a whole lot of grit instantly make your head snap before dying out and transitioning right back into the next verse (flawlessly).

As someone who thrives on originality, I figured this new tune was fresh enough to send Xtasea some questions and get some more info.  Check out the quick Q&A below and make sure you keep an eye out for new Xtasea material.

RDFO: How has Detroit helped to shape you as an artist?

Xtasea: Detroit was the place I first heard electronic music.  A few friends started taking me downtown to raves thrown by the Hardcore 313 crew, and I became instantly hooked on the upbeat and exciting tunes.

RDFO: What is it about Happy Hardcore that initially got you hooked?  What is your top Happy Hardcore anthem?

Xtasea: So I’ve always been a singer/guitarist, and I fell in love with some Clubland hardcore anthems that included male vocals and guitar.  Darren Styles is a huge influence on me, and I’d say my top hardcore anthem would be “Come Running” by Darren Styles and Francis Hill.

RDFO: The drop in Forreal is bonkers.  Did you start with the drop first and build around that or did that come after the verses?

Xtasea: The drop in Forreal was made first, then I crafted the song around it.  I was just cutting and pasting different synth recordings I’d made, and eventually it fell into place!  Then came the vocals, and the rest was easy.

RDFO: What are your favorite synths and what DAW do you use for production?

Xtasea: My favorite synths would have to be anything from the Access Virus line, Omnisphere, Sylenth1, and ANA.  As far as DAW, I’m a longtime Fruity Loops user and I also use ableton.

RDFO: Who are some artists that inspire your sound?

Xtasea: A few artists that I draw a lot of inspiration production wise would include M83, Noisia, Porter Robinson and Tennyson.  In terms of songwriting, some big ones for me would be Blink 182, Knuckle Puck, Third Eye Blind and many other punk or pop/punk bands.

RDFO: What can we expect from you next?

Xtasea: Next, I’m hoping to continue to release some tracks with more vocals!  I love songwriting and recording and I really wanna head that direction.

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