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Any one who follows the site knows that we try to stay away from unofficial remixes, but every so often a flip is so solid we have no choice but to share.  Festival season is here and BLSZD has recently released and absolute monster of a main stage crowd pleaser.

Taking on the a new joint from infamous Hip Hop top dogs Cardi B and Migos, BLSZRD has turned up the heat (and bass) on, “Drip”.   The fast rising Electronic producer has been steadily growing his fan base with a string of bomb ass neck breakers, and his latest flip is one of his hardest to date.  

Using just enough of the vocal to have fans singing along, ridiculous drum programming and impeccable synth work transform this chart topper into a summer 18 festival banger.  Monstrous stabs, huge drums, fat subs and some 36 Mafia style synth flutes get the track rolling while Cardi and Migos get you amped.  Before you know it a big build leads to what I personally feel is one of the hardest drops I’ve heard in a minute.  On the train making the grossest face ever trying to right this shit.

Tbh… there’s no need to even elaborate.  If you love bass music, make sure you download this.  If you’re a DJ… you’re going to want this weapon in the cache.

Hard af.

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