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HAUS Music Releases Impressive Debut ‘Know How It Feels’

LA producer HAUS Music just unleashed his debut single, “Know How it Feels”, the first offering from his forthcoming debut album, “Amulet”, and it is an impressively intricate and sunny jam.

With HAUS Music at the helm, he enlisted a group of ultra-talented studio musicians along with vocalist Dave Vives to deliver a bubbling ode to better days.  Created with live instruments, every element is put in its place – in a way that only a true musician and master of music theory could pull off.  The transformative song relies on Dave Vives to carry the tune with his bright and buttery voice while the band finds perfect synergy underneath.  

The bevy of artists coming together so seamlessly seems almost like a lost art form that HAUS Music seems determined to keep alive.  While the combination of all parts into a whole would be enough to impress, each musician is also given space to shine via perfectly placed solos.

About he track he offers, “Know How It Feels is an ode to joy. An exaltation to individuality and free thought. It is also a reminder to not allow your heart to be clouded by external perceptions of yourself that are not your own, as everyone has a song in their heart that belongs only to them.

While this may not be a tune that necessarily falls in my wheel house, the talent, musicianship and overall composition is impossible to ignore.  I will also say that even if this may not be your typical jam – a few listens may change your whole perspective and have you cheesing for no reason while snapping your fingers and sliding around.

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