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Hi-Fi Cali x The Prams

What started as an accidental collection of Electronic grooves has turned into something much more.

Hi-Fi Cali front man Chris Bartles created the side project after finding himself sitting on a batch of synth driven tunes that didn’t fit into his Bora York brand.  Not wanting the tunes to go to waste and realizing their potential, he brought on Bjorn Nilsen and began to collaborate with other artists to help differentiate the two projects.  Hi-Fi Cali was born.

Their latest release features husband-wife duo The Prams, who on their own have been releasing a new song every month, counting, “Attention“, as their August release.  The Synth Pop tune is the perfect balance of sexy laid back groove and upbeat melodies.  With the dreamy vocal performance sitting front and center, the production is built around stabs, atmospheric elements, bright floating melodies and some solid drum programming.

I am def looking forward to what’s next from Hi-Fi Cali.

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