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Illaman Drops New Project ‘Give Us A Smile’ [VIDEO]

Highly respected London based MC Illaman recently has unleashed his brand new EP, “Give Us A Smile”, and he is sounding like a man on a mission.  Not one to be confined by genre rules, Illaman feels right at home over an array of productions from Grime to DnB and everything in between.  Real life lyrics and and unhindered aggression help to make every line hit deep while he leaves no topic untouched.  

Carried by the projects lead single, “Times Of Change”, featuring MC DRS and accompanied by an official video, Illaman digs in while questioning the current state of the world one bar at a time.  The reflective tune relies on a hypnotic beat and hook to help add some relief to the otherwise deep rooted and hard hitting track.

Comprised of 6 tracks, Illaman’s latest drop once again proves he is a lyricist ahead of the curve and unafraid to tackle tough topics that others may be quick to avoid.  Far from your nonsensical radio rap of the day, Illaman is here to make a statement and make sure you hear it loud and clear.

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