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Indie Pop Star Boo Seeka Drops New Album "Between The Head & The Heart"

Musician and songwriter Ben “Boo” Gumbleton aka Boo Seeka has successfully made a memorable name for himself in the music industry. Now returning with his second studio album, the indie pop star introduces a highly anticipated 12 track project deep with introspective thought. Including previous singles like "Dream", "Real" and "Finish What You Started", the new album delivers a deep emotion from Boo as he offers larger than life production that keeps listeners on their toes from beginning to end. Complete with swooning vocals, we are given a genuine glimpse into the emotional turmoil he has experienced in recent years.

“This record is the most personal record I’ve written to date. I had another record written before this, but it didn’t feel like it was the right one to release at this time in my life, so I wrote another one. While writing this one, I basically stood in front of a mirror and spoke to myself. That is the best way I can describe what it’s all about.” – Boo Seeka

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