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Information Society Release New Single ‘World Enough’

80s Synthpop innovators Information Society, have just released their latest single “World Enough”, the follow up to their 2018 release, “Nothing Prevails“.

The new track features the classic lineup up of Kurt Larson, Paul Robb & James Cassidy and brings the classic Information Society sound that their fans around the world have come to love.  While work on, “World Enough”, began around the time of the “Hack!”, the tune has since sat in their archive until today.

Filled with beautiful brass like synth solos, “World Enough“, is exactly what has kept us all intrigued by Information Society and once again showcases the groups longevity and consistency. A love song that compels us to reminisce about the one that got away, their latest offering brings a strong, nostalgic, 80s Miami vibe ripe with rich atmospheric elements.

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