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JAM OF THE WEEK: Baby FuzZ – Burial

To say I have been slightly obsessed with Baby FuzZ since his single, “Shadowland”, landed in my inbox would be an understatement.  Instantly grabbed by the tracks dynamics, energy and emotion I have been keeping a close eye on Baby FuzZ ever since. 

Since then, the US/Canadian border crosser has continued to roll out new tunes, turning heads of tastemakers at every turn.  Following up on his most recent release, “Disneyland”, Baby FuzZ has just released his latest single, “Burial”, and it is a powerful Punk/Alt/Glam Rock masterpiece.  With an uncanny ability to turn real life into satirical anthems, “Burial”, is a brilliant follow up that will have you screaming at the top of your lungs.

Opening with softened guitar and honeyed vocals, the track builds into an all out musical assault.  An undeniably powerful hook, and driving instrumental sections pound away before finally settling back down to close out the tune.  Once again, I find myself hypnotized by Baby FuzZ and his ability to pull at the listeners heartstrings often bringing to the surface feelings that we didn’t know were lingering.  

As it is with everything he releases, Baby FuzZ finds a way to touch on deep rooted emotions all cloaked in a sheet of hope while ensuring the listener throws any last fuck they may give right out the window.  He knows how to make you feel – and that’s what it’s all about.

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