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Jam of the Week: Chappell Roan – Bad For You

I said it before when I was first introduced to Chappell Roan via her debut single, “Good Hurt“, but I’ll say it again.  I may be in love (musically speaking – I’m a married man).

With the release of her debut EP, “School Nights“, which is OUT NOW, we found a new video in our inbox for possibly our favorite cut from the project, “Bad for You“.  The video is pretty basic, a straight forward, nicely lit clip of Chappell Roan performing – but that’s all that is needed here.

Everything about this song is perfect to me.  First of all, Chappell Roan is probably one of my new favorite vocalists of the year.  She has her own sound – and I can not get enough of it.  Secondly, the contrast between the topic of conversation and the production is clever at least and genius at best.  Perfectly structured, impeccably performed and absolutely a tune I will be listening to for years to come.

I’m not sure there has ever been a song that makes people horny… and also makes them want to cry… while giving confession… but there is now.

Chappell Roan will soon be heading out on tour with Vance Joy also alongside Amy Shark.  If she hits New York, I’ll be there.

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