• Nicholas Zallo

JAM OF THE WEEK: Hello August – Drunk Again [VIDEO]

I recently found the new release from Hello August in my inbox… and to say I’m a bit obsessed may not be far fetched.  Having never heard of them before, I dug a bit deeper to see what I had missed… but it turns out not much.

The Dutch duo consists of two Instagram/Youtube influencers (Rachel & Laura) who bring incredibly hot Pop vibes to match their looks.  Having only released their debut single, “Wrong Chick”, in January, they were quickly added to rotation on two of Holland’s biggest radio stations and even ended up catching the ear of SIA who added the single to her popular, personal Spotify playlist.

Everything about this track is just right.  Do yourself a favor and get on board now.  These girls are going to blow DaFuq up.  I’d put money on it.

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