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JAM OF THE WEEK: Laur Elle – July

While it seems the Pop world is becoming more and more saturated every day, the influx in homegrown talent has helped to bring a new excitement to the otherwise major label dominated scene. It seems every week, new artists are popping up on my radar that instantly grab my attention with their polished sound and commercial appeal. My latest favorite find comes from Alberta, Canada – and her name is Laur Elle.

Having moved 15 times before she finally landed in a small city in Southern Alberta, Laur’s childhood was dominated by athletics – competing as an elite gymnast, finding her ability to focus on anything else nearly impossible. When she got around to her high school years, Laur Elle picked up a pen and a pad and turned to poetry to help keep her mind in check. Soon after she was learning to play the guitar and began putting her words into songs.

Now done with university and hungry to show the world what she is made of, Laur Elle began releasing music in 2017 and has showed no sign of letting up since. Having already raked in hundreds of thousands of streams, Laur Elle is now preparing the release of her debut EP in May and has just unleashed the projects second single, “July”.

On her latest offering, Laur Elle not only puts her impressive ability to write memorable lyrics and catchy melodies on full display, but the track’s production and mix also sound incredibly clean and dynamic, usually not an easy task for such a new artist. If you are into bully Pop gems, you’re going to want to add this one to your playlists and get ready for the EP. I am sure it will be a stunner.

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