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JAM OF THE WEEK: Starley – Love Is Love

Sydney artist Starley has gone from 0-100 real quick.  With the release of her debut single, “Call On Me”, Starley saw her fan base quickly take off while simultaneously racking up some major numbers.  To date, “Call On Me”, has gone 4x platinum in Australia while finding similar success around the globe and garnering over 1Bn streams to date.

Since then, she has been hard at work on her debut album which is soon to be released.  Her most recent single, “Love is Love”, is possibly her most personal to date and gives fans a deeper glimpse into the life of the woman behind the music.  About the track she says, “Love is Love’ is a very personal song for me. I had written a first draft for it that had a lot less detail. After sharing it with a few friends, it seemed it wasn’t hitting home all the way, and I realized it was because I was leaving out the parts of the story I felt uncomfortable sharing. I decided to re-write it and dig deeper. That felt scary and liberating at the same time. From that process ‘Love is Love’ was born. I’m nervous and excited to share it with the world!

Since it’s release this has been a go to jam for me.  The overall message of love, self respect and acceptance is empowering and uplifting and the way it is delivered makes it highly accessible and seriously groovy.  Over a guitar driven Pop production, Starley soars while detailing her own personal struggle of trying to get her father to accept her for exactly who she is and her right to choose to love whoever it is she wants.  For so many, this is a struggle that often seems impossible to face – and this jam will hopefully help some people see things for what they are.  Love is Love.

While it may have been difficult for Starley to our these thoughts down on paper, her story says so much and relates to many.  Wearing her heart in her sleeve, Starley is without a doubt a person for the people hoping to spread love and good vibes through top notch tunes.

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