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Julian Lamadrid Unveils New Single from Forthcoming Album ‘Mala Noche’ [VIDEO]

Born in Dubai, based in New York, rising artist Julian Lamadrid has recently released his latest single, “Neon” from his forthcoming 12-track album, “Mala Noche“, due out later this year.  The multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer has made some impressive moves since his first release in 2016, racking up millions of plays and catering to a fast growing fanbase with his commercially appealing, relatable jams.

His latest single (and official video) brings a subtle yet inspirational feel, with lush electronic textures, a downtempo groove and impressive vocals that are sure to make you feel some sort of way.  About the tune Julian says, “This is an anthem for the ADHD generation. A song that dares to dive into multiple different sonic landscapes and still maintain a thematic and melodic through-line. My own private bohemian rhapsody. The video attempts to mirror this and augment the sporadic nature of the tune. It’s a drug fueled youthful odyssey. I’m coming up.”

With Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed as his greatest inspirations, 21-year-old Julian Lamadrid has grown up on a steady diet of music, literature and film. At 18, he moved to New York City, citing films as ‘Taxi Driver’and ‘Midnight Cowboy’ as reasons to enroll in New York University’s film school. Writing and producing along the way, Julian grew frustrated by societal pressure to create data driven and social media-focused art. In turn, he set out to take a risk to record his new 12-track album.

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