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Listen to the New Anthem from Oliver Tree & Whethan

I’ve been watching the rise of Chicago born, LA based Whethan for a minute now and at every turn he continues to impress with his personal brand of Rock leaning, moody Electronica.

I’d be lying if I told you his track, “Savage“, wasn’t still a go to jam for me.

To continue his hot streak, he has recently teamed up with another up and coming LA artist, Oliver Tree, who recently made his live festival debut at Lollapalooza & Outside Lands.  “Enemy” is the follow up to the July release of Oliver Tree’s “Cheapskate”, and is yet another example of his ability to cross over genres and create solid tunes with a personal flare.

According to The Huffington Post, “While (Tree is) primarily a pianist, guitarist and producer, his real-instruments-based-production incorporates rap, male and female vocal harmonies, poetic lyrics, strings and a hearty dose of synth…as much philosopher as musician, and a big dreamer at that, (Tree’s) goal is to push the art form forward, and beyond the electronic scene, he aims to have his work reach the world and in doing so, better his listeners’ lives.

This latest collab is sure to turn heads.  Landing a debut on Zane Lowe‘s Apple Music Beats 1 show, the track is an Electronic anthem.  With energetic, punky vocals setting the tone, the production relies on ripping basses and bright keys to give the perfect amount of support.  Pretty straight forward production wise, this song is built around a vibe… and that vibe is undeniable.

Keep an eye on both of these guys – I’m sure you will be seeing their names a whole lot moving forward.

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