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Louis The Child Teams up with Caroline Ailin for Jam Worthy ‘Last to Leave’

Chicago duo Louis the Child ain’t nothing to fuck with.  Over the last several years they have been crushing, delivering jam worthy tunes that blur the lines between Hip Hop and Electronic.  Coming with a signature bounce, quality production chops and all around stellar songwriting skills, it is not hard to understand why they have been all over the festival circuits, amassing tons of fans and garnering millions of plays at cross the interwebs.

While I’ve been sitting on this tune for a bit eagerly waiting to post it, I have been rocking it heavy.  Teaming up with Caroline Ailin, LtC released, “Last to Leave”, a bouncy and vibrant single that is an absolute bop.  Caroline delivers rhythmic and powerful vocals while the production sways between sections of light melodies and ripping synths.

As is the case with most things Louis the Child, the cross over appeal here is immense.  Some Hip Hop vibes mix with melodic Electronica while the vocals lean super Pop.  Despite what you may love or hate when it comes to music, this tune is almost sure to connect with music lovers the world around.

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