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LU KALA Ready To Take 2020 with ‘Body Knew’

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, buzzing new Pop artist LU KALA immigrated to Canada with her family at 3 years old, landing in Toronto and creating a brand new life.  Throughout her life, she found a safe haven in music, penning songs to express everything that she had inside.  After starting as a songwriter behind the scenes for many local artists and even landing credits on Jennifer Hudson’s 2014 album JHUD, LU KALA knew she had a lot more to say and more gifts to share with the world.  In 2018, she launched her solo career with wildly successful single, “DCMO (Don’t Count Me Out”, quickly landing her on the radar of tastemakers around the world while racking up spins on radio around Canada.  

With a striking look, distinct vocal styling and empowering story, LU KALA says, “With me being both black and plus size, I think people expect a very specific voice and style. And while I can sing those songs, I express myself differently.”  Still riding high from her debut release, LU KALA is now ready to kick things up a notch and her new single, “Body Knew”, is the perfect next step.  The uplifting, empowering anthem relies on moody yet minimal production while LU KALA delivers an incredibly dynamic and captivating performance.  

With a impressive range, just the right amount of rasp and undeniable knack for melody, LU KALA is able to deliver a memorable performance that feels as authentic as it does enchanting.  With, “Body Knew”, serving as her first single of 2020, I have no doubt that we will be hearing a whole lot more from LU KALA – I will be paying close attention. 

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