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Madison Olds Makes Debut with ‘Thank You’ [VIDEO]

With the release of her debut album looming on the horizon, new Canadian artist Madison Olds has just unleashed the first single, “Thank You”, and it is more than enough to get us excited about the rest of the project.

While the majority of the album was produced in London (UK) at Sticky Studios (Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, One Direction), “Thank You”, is the stand out misfit of the project.  Co-written down in Nashville and produced by Grammy nominated Canadian producer, Brian Howes/JVP (Mother, Nickelback, Daughtry), the lead single is an emotional and inspirational tune that shows the new artist in a beautiful light.  Via a beautiful vocal performance, slick rhythms and powerful harmonies Madison Olds soars on top of the muted, minimal production.  Playful percussion, deep basses, lush keys and eerie synth lines develop around the vocals, creating a dynamic tune that takes the listener on a ride from beginning to end. 

Looking to make maximum impact with the first single, it wasn’t hard for Madison to choose to lead with this one that she jokingly refers to as, “the million-dollar song on her album.”  About the inspiration behind the tune she says, “Thank You is an upbeat passionate narrative about the value of learning from our mistakes and the self-compassion and growth that can be found in the process. It serves to remind us all that life is a grand experiment, founded in risk, love, loss and self re-affirmation.

With no hard date for the album yet announced, I guess we will have to wait (patiently) to hear some more from Madison Olds.  In the meantime – let this one get you all up in your feelings.

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