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Nate Rose Drops Fresh New Single ‘Egos’

Nashville, Tennessee rising star Nate Rose is back with another smash record “Ego’s.” In this latest musical contribution, he blesses his audience with intricate lyricism and opulent delivery over self-composed heavy-hitting production:

“I heard they checking for me ain’t know checking on me so I had to go run up a check, I got the message homie ain’t flexing on me my attorney gon call it collect, blessings on blessings for me, my successes only made them envious they got upset, I’m here to put all their ego’s in check!”

Often referred to as the “James Bond of Rap” for his smooth, debonair demeanor and wise intellect, Rose is one of few modern artists who is highly respected for exercising his independence through all facets of content creation from writing, recording, producing and graphic design. Having full creative control over his career, Rose lays out his artistic vision in a unique style prided on his desire to be one of the greats.

HipHopDX says, “[Nate Rose] is definitely an artist worth follow…on and off Twitter.”

Not only known for his innate musical ability, Rose has made a name for himself through energetic live performances landing him on some of the biggest stages in the states including University of Southern Mississippi, Import Alliance at the Kentucky Speedway, The Raider’s Choice Awards, and Eaglepalooza, alongside renowned multi-platinum artist Keri Hilson. At a Nate Rose show, you will be entertained by his showmanship that includes live freestyles, backflips, and crowd surfing.

So far, Rose has amassed over 1 million independently combined streams across listening platforms and has sold 1,500 physical copies of his Polymath EP, setting the stage for his newly released CrossFire EP which features Bay Area newcomer Rexx Life Raj. Make sure you follow Nate Rose and check out his new single “Ego’s” out now.

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