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Nu-disco powerhouse Satin Jackets announces new double LP "Reunion"

Album announcement is accompanied by new single "Different Directions" feat. Ivy Falls out today

Over the last several years, the german producer Tim Bernhardt, better known as Satin Jackets has made a name for himself as one of the pioneers of the modern Nu-disco sound, and today he is announcing his biggest project yet - a double LP of sublimely laidback Balearic house, leftfield pop, and sun kissed disco called Reunion.

The new single out today - “Different Directions”, featuring the vocals of Belgian artist Ivy Falls - is a smooth bit of chilled-out, loungey nu-disco pop in the style of groups like Poolside & Jungle – a perfect soundtrack for cruising out into the rest of your summer.

This release of “Different “Directions” follows last month’s lead single “Move On”, which vocalist and regular Satin Jackets collaborator Panama on vocals and a slightly more upbeat iteration of the signature Satin Jackets sound that he has honed to a finely tuned science on this third album, Reunion.

Bernhardt’s 2nd album, 2019’s Solar Nights, was one of the most successful nu-disco records of recent memory, and the following years should have made the Satin Jackets name a regular fixture on club and festival bills worldwide. But sadly, much like the rest of us, the pandemic saw the producer's horizons limited to the four walls of his Munich studio. With the world festivals and live shows far out of reach, Bernhardt turned to the internet to keep in touch with his fans and sow the seeds for what would become 'Reunion'.

"Throughout 2020 we recorded a number of what we called Lockdown Streams" explains Bernhardt. With almost no promotion those sessions ended up being streamed over a million-and-a-half times, but for Bernhardt the real reward was the response from fans. "We had so many positive comments from people saying how these streams had helped through difficult times or simply put a much needed smile on their faces. Despite being unable to connect in person, these sessions helped me rediscover the power that music can have to create shared moments."

"It allowed me to rediscover the connection between what I do and what people feel and that fed directly into making ‘Reunion’,” elaborates Bernhardt. “There's a lot of despair and division in the world right now but it is so important we try to stay positive and hold onto the things that bring us together. There's few things that can do that more than music, and that was the thought I took with me when I started work on this album. Not just the idea that music brings people together but going beyond that, asking why we do the things that we do and feel what we feel."

Reunion is out in full via Eskimo Recordings on August 26th, 2022.

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