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Pop Artist Daytona Starsky Drops Debut Album

Stepping outside of the present and into a dystopian sit-com, recording artist Daytona Starsky pairs WandaVision style aesthetics with captivating pop melodies in his debut album “Reality Station”. Delivering fans his idea of what a sonic journey into the future might look like, “Reality Station” covers everything from sex robots to dream worlds - all elements of what he predicts our society will be confronted with many decades down the road. Covering further topics like technology and space travel, the young artist does a brilliant job of delivering a sci-fi inspired sonic landscape for listeners of edgy alternative pop. Playful and experimental at its core, the project delivers catchy pop melodies fit for the mainstream. Carefully tying together his standalone hits with a well thought out sequence of compositions, “Reality Station” proves to be mentally and physically stimulating as Starsky delivers witty, heart-on-sleeve lyricism over an ethereal instrumentation that will transport you to unexpected melodic dimensions.

“I knew I wanted to write an album about something but had a hard time finding inspiration. But when the pandemic stopped the world, it gave me some much needed breathing room and got me thinking “since when are we in the future and how did we get here?” This was that lightbulb moment that freed me up to experiment with sounds and topics. From that point on, the album wrote itself.” ~ Daytona Starsky

About Daytona Starsky: Daytona is a Dutch born, Brooklyn adopted multidisciplinary artist with a genre-bending take on modern pop music. Demonstrating his highly ambitious creative visions, Starsky directs and designs all of his visuals and actively organizes community oriented events in the New York sustainable fashion scene. A charismatic musical act compared to a “modern-day David Bowie” (-Indiwavves), he has remained unpredictable and unconcerned with artistic boundaries, merging his influences from hip hop, psych-rock, classic pop and electronica for a vibrant mix of styles. Since the age of 12, when he first performed on Dutch national television, Starsky has proven that he can do it all and has successfully paved paths as a notable multi-instrumentalist, record producer, songwriter, visual designer, video director and sustainable-fashion enthusiast.

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