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Rosie Darling Unveils New Single ‘Heavy’

Emerging singer-songwriter, Rosie Darling, dropped her latest single, “Heavy” last month… and the title says it all.

Born and raised in Boston, Rosie Darling‘s journey into the music industry began in a way that some may call fate. After courageously approaching one of her favorite musicians, EDM’s, Halsey, in a Whole Foods parking lot in L.A, she began networking with all the right people. Before she knew it, Rosie started collaborating with pop & EDM artists (OKO, Tritonal) as a songwriter & featured vocalist.

After transitioning away from the EDM scene and finding her sound, Rosie introduced her distinct, melodramatic solo style when she dropped her debut single,Coping”. Produced by Andy Seltzer, the tune spread throughout the scene like wildfire, racking up over 5 million Spotify streams, landing on several official Spotify playlists, and charting on14 Spotify Viral 50 charts.

Coping may have been our introduction to her new sound, but, “Heavy”, is where we really get to know her. The track includes a shameless set of lyrics, creating a mood that makes you feel like you’re going through the motions too. ‘Heavy’s’ verses verbally illustrate the self-loathing we tend to feel when we hurt somebody we love in an almost rant-like fashion, making it impressively relatable. The chorus picks up in pace, then slows down as the vocals become more somber again, ultimately capturing the emotional highs & lows that come with heartbreak.

Do yourself a favor and give this one a spin.

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