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Rude GRL Makes Moves: ‘Bruce Banner’ [INTERVIEW]

I only first came across Rude GRL a month or so when I found this tune in my inbox…

I have to be honest with you… this is not a sound that I am familiar with, or that I am even used to in the slightest, but what I can tell you is that after a few listens I was totally hooked.  The originality, energy and attitude absolutely stood out amongst the sea of polished Pop, Electronic, House and Indie Rock jams that surrounded it.  it is the grit here that I love most.

Not sure if this tune was an enigma, I knocked it in the privacy of my headphones, using it to turn up on the morning commute and get me amped for the day.  Only shared with a select few who’s opinions I trust dearly – I had to make sure I wasn’t out of my mind for loving this so much.

Next thing you know… BAM.  Another one.  This time she hit us with, “Bruce Banner“. The same conflicting thoughts came over my mid and soul.  And again I was hooked.  In a quest to figure out more about the tune & artist, I got to have a quick chat with Rude GRL – helping to further solidify my feelings towards the tunes and the artist.  I DIG THEM!

Check the new single out below and keep scrolling for a quick Q&A.

RDFO: Your music is very raw to me. What is the writing process like for you? 

Rude GRL: The writing process for me is like a musical exorcism. All the pent up emotions & energy I basically release it like bursting one of those giant spots lol!

RDFO: You seem to have a lot to get off your chest, atlas that’s how it seems they way you deliver your tunes. Is music an outlet for you emotionally? 

Rude GRL: I do have a lot to get off my chest!! If I don’t use music to release it I don’t know what I’d do with it all. Music is like my anger management & therapy all at once.

RDFO: Where are you from and how has your hometown influenced your sound? 

Rude GRL: I spent most of my childhood in Wales. It was a really chaotic house & a lot of traumatic things happened.  So what I saw really has its influence on what I write about.  Sound wise…  There were a lot of Yardies & Rastas in my house growing up, also I grew up around a lot of racist skin heads in the community so heard a lot of Rock & Punk. So I guess that’s how there’s a lot of Punk/Post-Punk, Ragga & Bashment elements in our sound along with Hip Hop & Pop.

RDFO: Your production always feels jamming. Who is behind the production and how did you come to link?

Rude GRL: Ben Langmaid is the other member of Rude GRL! He is responsible for making the “jamming sounds” lol. We both work up the tracks together so that’s how it ends up sounding the way it does.   I met Ben years ago, we were both under the same publishing. We met up & instantly got on.   He actually helped me get clean & sober. He was really there for me through a very dark time. So I guess that’s why our bond is so special to me.  He’s more like a big brother to me now.

RDFO: Your overall energy is way dope. What are you like as a person? Is the persona of Rude GRL anything like the girl behind the scenes? 

Rude GRL: Haha thank u… what u c is what u get. Everything I talk about in my lyrics is from personal experience or how I actually feel… Rude GRL is just how I express myself in a more socially acceptable way haha. Everyone needs an outlet & this is mine.

RDFO: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations? 

Rude GRL: My biggest musical inspirations are Johnny Rotten/The Sex Pistols, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Missy Elliott, Slipknot, Prince & Elvis Presley… I just love anyone GREAT! & anyone who has a story to tell in a fresh creative new perspective. & I love anyone with a lot of aggression tbh haha!

RDFO: What is up next for you? 

Rude GRL: I’ve got all this music to release!!!!  More vids. More more more stuff.  I can’t wait to get out there playing some shows soon too. Tear up/tear down some stages. That’ll be sick.  I’m just working on the set ATM.

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