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SACHI Release Quarantine Inspired Single ‘Take Me Back’ [VIDEO]

Maybe it’s just me, but as of late I have found myself less and less inspired by electronic music. Maybe it is the fact that clubs are closed, festivals are cancelled and dancing on a sweaty dancefloor is a thing of the past – or maybe it is the overwhelming amount of similar sounding tunes that have flooded streaming services… but, what I do know is that SACHI hit me in the feels with their latest offering, “Take Me Back“.

Hailing from New Zealand, one of the most open and COVID free places on the planet, their new single couldn’t have come at a better time as they have made their way back to the stage, recently performing for a staggering 80k fans. Written during their time in lockdown, both the lyrics and vibe of this tune bring an inspiring, motivational, carefree feel. With stunning vocals leading the charge, SACHI craft a smooth, groovy and enchanting production that is as delicate as it is pumping. With tons of emotion to make you feel some type of way and enough drive to get dacnefloors fluttering, “Take Me Back“, is without a doubt a perfect tune for the times.

About the single SACHI says, “I guess when we were making it we were thinking about pre-COVID life. Where we could go to shows and be crammed next to a whole lot of people. A time we completely took for granted. We just hope it makes people feel something. The sole purpose of electronic music is to make people feel a certain way – we hope this song does that.” 

All I can say it mission accomplished. I will for sure have this one rocking well through our US summer.

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