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Sara Diamond Prepares to Release Her Debut EP with ‘Crash’

It wasn’t too long ago that we brought you this gem from Montreal artist Sara Diamond.

Now preparing to release her debut EP, “Foreword”, on October 12th, the captivating songstress has released the final single from her forthcoming project, called, “Crash”.  On the new single, mellow, minimal and soulful production set the tone carried by rolling basslines and dissonant chords and minor percussion.  Taken back, not only by her songwriting and incredible vocal performance, Sara Diamond has once again found a way to cut deep on, “Crash”.

About the record she says, “Crash is about curiosity. It’s about the universe. It’s about whomever and wherever your journey leads you to. Crash led me to love.

Keep an eye out for her debut EP.  It’s sure to be a stunner.

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