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Shan Vincent de Paul Stuns Once Again with ‘Zen’ [VIDEO]

If you are not yet familiar with Shan Vincent de Paul, I think it is about time you start taking note.  The multi-talented, ultra-creative Canadian of Sri Lankan decent has been turning heads over the last several years with his signature blend of melody, rhythm, aesthetics and unmatched originality.  With his most recent release, “Zen”, finding him more support from tastemakers and Spotify, I think it important to dig a bit deeper before we jump right into that one.

Part of the Sideways crew, SVDP keeps his circle close, working methodically with his team including frequent collaborator and ever-buzzing producer La+ch to create stand out jams that touch on all bases and fire on all cylinders.  Taking the reigns as an MC, singer, director, songwriter and stylist, SVDP leaves very little of the creative process out of his control.  My first taste of him came with the release of his video for, “Bitch Go”.  As is the case with everything SVDP, quality, vibe, and special sauce are ingredients he refuses to skimp on – making sure everything from the song to the video have a timeless and worldly appeal.

While SVDP can more than handle his own when it comes to spitting bars, he also brings impressive melodies, cultural appreciation and mind blowing conceptual ideas into the fold – all coming together to set him apart from so many other artists out there who are just making great tunes.  SVDP brings the whole package with every release.

Whether he is writing an inspirational tune for his daughter, a straight up lyrical assault aimed at the man, or vibing with a broken heart and letting his soul bleed – Shan Vincent de Paul nails it every time.  

His latest offering, “Zen”, not only delivers what I have come to expect from a SVDP release, but also once again proves that he is an ever-evolving, undeniable talent who is getting better at every turn.  Delivered along with an official video (of course) the new single is a heart touching, saucy, modern love song that is as inspiring as it is depressing (love – amiright) and the video only helps to catapult the tune into the stratosphere.  From otherworldly beings to cinematic production and hotter than ever romance, the new video delivers a great concept which is executed perfectly.  

Yea another stand out release from Shan Vincent de Paul, we are sure he has a whole lot more in store for 2019.

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