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ShiShi Brings World Vibes to the EDM Scene [Interview]

It wasn’t too long ago that we discovered NYC artist ShiShi via this banging cross over track we found in our inbox…

As it turns out, he is only just beginning.  Bringing a fresh approach to the Dance/Pop scene with his world influenced grooves, ShiShi is continuing to show off his skills with some stellar releases.  In the last week alone he has hit us with 2 new gems.  First comes a remix pack for, “Damelo“, for which he recruited Neblo, Bust’Em, and Kalibandulu & Luca Tarantino to put their own spins on the release.  All bringing crushing vibes to the already mint release.

Before I got to totally digest this batch of remixes.  He hit me again.  Taking on Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer & Tory Lanes joint, “Miss You“.  This is an all around jam.

Seeing as he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, we figured we’d catch up with him for a little Q&A to introduce him to our audience and give him some well deserved shine.  Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on ShiShi.  Check the interview below and then head to his socials to give him a proper follow.

RDFO: How long have you been producing for?

ShiShi: I started producing electronic music four and a half years ago, but I grew up playing violin and guitar and have been writing songs since I was a teenager.

RDFO: Where does the name ShiShi come from?

ShiShi: My real name is Aasheesh, so my family and a lot of my friends always called me ShiShi for short growing up and it just kind of stuck.  I associate the nickname with my childhood and it reminds me to not to take myself too seriously and always have fun, which is the same approach I take towards making music.

RDFO: What is your favorite VST?

ShiShi: I produce in Ableton but my favorite VST is always changing as I learn and experiment more.  Right now though I’m loving Output Exhale.  They have some really dope vocal samples and textures that I use for a lot of the more ambient layers in my tracks.

RDFO: How would you describe your personal sound?

ShiShi: I would describe my sound as surprising global Dembow music.  Let me unpack that: Dembow is the Caribbean inspired rhythm that you hear in almost all of my tracks.  It’s global because a huge part of my style is inspired by the traditional music of different cultures and regions from around the world.  And I try to make my music surprising in the sense that I’m always looking for ways to combine different sounds, genres and cultures in new ways that people haven’t heard before.

RDFO: Favorite place to eat in NYC?

ShiShi: I’m vegan so I cook my own food a lot, but luckily NYC has a lot of great vegan options.  My favorite restaurant right now is Seasoned Vegan in Harlem — it’s a 100% vegan take on good old fashioned American soul food, so they have vegan chicken nuggets, vegan steak, vegan BBQ crawfish, you name it.  It’s pretty life-changing — I like to take my more open-minded non-vegan friends there.

RDFO: If you could spin at one club in NYC where would it be?

ShiShi: Not sure if this counts because it’s more of a venue but eventually I want to headline and sell out Terminal 5.  That’s a big goal but I’m working on it!

RDFO: What’s up next for you?

ShiShi: Lots of new music!  I have a bunch of remixes coming out over the new few months and some original records dropping this Spring on one of my all-time favorite record labels, Tommy Boy, so that’s super exciting for me.  Apart from that I just want to keep making better and better music, building a fan base and eventually put together a tour when the time is right!

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