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Sistek & Tudor Team Back Up with ‘Tudor’ for Smooth Single ‘No Fair Game&#8217

Chilean producer Sistek is now back again with his second single of the year “No Fair Game” ft Tudor. The independent release brings fun poppy vibes at a time where we need them most. Over the warm buzzing sonics produced by Sistek, singer Tudor tells the familiar story about unpromising love. In a recent press release, Sistek stated “It really feels that the rules are f*cked sometimes, everyone has felt that” Sistek explains. “Love is a rigged game”, Tudor adds, “a game in which sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose.

No Fair Game“, comes shortly after Sisteks recent success, “Typo”, which was released back in January, with Swedish artist Discrete. Sistek began his journey in college making remixes. His first major break occurred in 2017 with his single “Pitfalls”, another strong collaboration featuring Tudor. The pair are looking to shake things up again with “No Fair Game”.

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