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Skylar Lee Drops Electric Pop Anthem "Too Good to Be You"

Greeting the spring with a new, electrifying pop anthem, recording artist Skylar Lee introduces a relatable new message entitled "Too Good to Be You" to all streaming platforms. Produced by Sean Rogers (Lady A & Eric Church), "Too Good to Be You" delivers a dynamic sound similar to that of Dua Lipa as well as undeniable charm reminiscent of a modern day Taylor Swift. Written about the idea of someone being better than the real thing, her instinctive storytelling touches on our tendency to build our standards way too high, so that we end up shutting out the possibility of true, genuine connection. When the idea of someone becomes better than the real thing...that's when you know you have a problem on your hands. But "Too Good to Be You" also explores the possibility that maybe there IS someone out there who is exactly as we imagine. And if this is we continue to pursue it? Nashville-based, Skylar expresses vulnerable lyrics, using her sharp perfect-pitch ear to create clever melodies which continue to elevate her loveable sound.

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