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Start Your Week With Sex n’ Drugs

To welcome the Spring and warm up our hearts, Abhi The Nomad has just released, “Sex n’ Drugs”, his debut label affiliated single + lyric video.  With an assist from frequent collaborators Harrison Sands & Copper King, Abhi was able to create something truly remarkable.

Sex n’ Drugs“, playfully tackles serious issues – dealing with one’s vices and the constant peer pressure people often encounter throughout their lives – yet the song feels uplifting through its charismatic energy and undeniable hook.  Full of funky guitar riffs, catchy vocal melodies and unforgettable vibes, this single no doubt has us excited for the rest of this EP.

Sex n’ Drugs” is the first song of Abhi’s upcoming Marbled EP, and if the rest of the songs sound anything like this, then we are anxiously awaiting its release date.


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