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Stephanie James Is ‘Unbreakable’ In Debut Album

Change is the only constant in life and singer-songwriter Stephanie James summarizes those growing pains in her debut album Unbreakable. With twists of country and soulful undertones, James shares an intense conviction through her stunning vocals and picture perfect songwriting.

Standout songs like “Throw Me a Rope” and “Miss This Room” demonstrate James’ knack for storytelling through poignant lyrics of surreal imagery and emotional context.

“Throw Me a Rope” is a raw song through and through. Shrouded in truthful lyrics and an underlying upbeat groove, the song provides solace to life’s hard lessons. Lines like “I love living, I’ll get through it ‘cause I have to” and “nothing’s gonna change until I do” meditate on personal perseverance and the coexistence of pain, grief, and joy.

“Miss This Room” is a humble song dedicated to overcoming fear and following your dreams while still loving your other half. The heartfelt tune lulls your anxieties away through peaceful “oo’s” and mellow instrumentation. James shares, 

“I wrote this song while sitting on the creaky floor at my boyfriend’s studio apartment in Boston. He had run to go do an errand and I was alone surrounded by moving boxes. He was moving to NYC and we were about to start long distance. I was singing the oo’s into my phone as a voice memo and the words just came to me as I remembered all the memories we shared together in that apartment.”

Bringing storytelling to the forefront, Stephanie James is a refreshing artist in pop music. The bi-coastal artist is both raw and refined musically while showcasing poise and power as a performer. Expertly weaving fragility and the gravity of intense emotions through her voice in every song, Stephanie James masterfully touches the hearts and souls of everyone who listens to her music.

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