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Streaming DIY Comedy Series Diverts Budget to Create a LIVE Stream Events & Resources Calendar

Access The ‘On-LIVE’ Events Calendar & Quarantine Resource Here

The freelance artists and team members of digital DIY comedy series Adulting With Jane have teamed up to create an all-access events calendar for live streamed events & gatherings.

Ranging from workout & wellness classes to online storytime for kids to living room concerts and live-streamed events of all kinds, there’s a little something for everyone who’s looking to pass the time, including an offer for a free private phone session for anyone that needs help figuring out how to use any of the major streaming platforms.

In self-quarantine earlier than most due to exposure to a COVID-positive friend (who has recovered, and is doing great!), Adulting with Jane creator Jenny Paul realized quickly that the lives of Americans were about to change drastically, so she diverted the show’s development and marketing budgets temporarily to mobilize her team to begin researching and compiling lists of indoor activities and “live online” events.

In addition to the fully-loaded daily events calendar, the public ‘Google Sheet’ also includes a tab for what they’ve coined ‘Anytime Resources’ to use during quarantine. It consists of Emergency Hotlines, Financial/Job Assistance, ways to Join the Effort to Battle COVID-19, and an ever-growing list of online entertainment and educational resources, as well as special curated tabs “For Kids & Parents” and “For Career Artists.”

In a time of social distancing and an endless list of unknowns, it’s important we stick together and help those in need, even if it’s over the internet! If you know of an online event or useful resource and would like to see it added to the calendar, email the Adulting With Jane team at: with event information and/or relevant links.

Stay healthy, stay sane, and happy streaming!

Be sure to follow Adulting With Jane On Facebook, Twitter & Instagram today.

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