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Teased by Hot New R&B Debut from Eleon

That clean guitar riff crawls like a vine down my back. This corker comes from well-loved LA artist ELEON. This track left me wanting more but after hunting on social platforms very little information was found. Online anonymity is becoming a popular tool to gauge quality of music through our ears rather than our eyes as more and more artists release music under pseyudonyms.

This anonymity really allows “If It Ain’t Me” to sing out and be heard. Co-written with Kubla Khan our ears are pleased with seductive falsettos above hi-hat-heavy choruses. The spatial quality between the impressive vocal range gives the track a wide depth taking your hearing on a full 360.

I really love how much of a tease Eleon and his track is. Hopefully he won’t dangle the carrot for too long.

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