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The Sidleys make their triumphant return on Sugar Kingdom

Influenced by artists such as Stevie Wonder and The Beatles, and powered by Annie's soulful voice, The Sidleys write songs that are memorable and modern, yet instantly classic. Operating as a family based collective, The Sidleys are composed of Sean Sidley (drums), Colin Sidley (bass / vocals), Ian Sidley (keyboards / vocals), and are spearheaded by mom and dad Annie and Steve's collaborative efforts on production and vocals. With three critically acclaimed albums under their belt, The Sidleys have become indie rock connoisseurs of the Washington DC area and are excited to make a splash with their fourth studio album, Sugar Kingdom.

Out via My Money Records, the new Sidleys album is a timeless testimony towards the sonic treasures of contemporary rock music. Grappling with the changing hands of time and the effects of love, life, and death, the new album's twelve songs rear their way through the psyche of the listener, causing a mirage of introspective feelings to arise as a result. Annie Sidley's vocals are riveting, providing the icing on a sugary sweet cake filled with catchy hooks, mesmerizing melodies, and charisma all bundled together into one sonic existence. Juxtaposed with calm guitar timbres, addictive synths, and oscillating drum patterns, Sugar Kingdom is a wonderful soundtrack for a sunny spring day, and will have you uncontrollably humming the songs you hear.

Navigating through stories about romance, heartbreak, and infatuation, the twelve songs presented on the album are bound to penetrate deep. The sharp confidence and sultry tones in songs like "Green Light" make the track a perfect fight song, showcasing body positivity and allowing yourself to seize the moment. Then there are deeply emotional tracks like "Twilight", which meditate on ambiguity and uncertainty of life after death, thus presenting their diverse palette as musicians. Other tracks like "Invisible" act as powerful clap backs towards a world filled with unhealthy beauty standards, reflecting on those negative judgements and dismissing them in a productive way.

What makes The Sidley's whole shtick organic and unique is the steering family dynamic behind the music. Allowing each other's ideas to all hold equal weight is what makes the family be able to crank out countless amounts of listenable material, and it's one of the reasons we'll be sure to follow where The Sidleys go from here.

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