• Nicholas Zallo

The Weight Is Gone

This one is called The Weight Is Gone – KC Lights Remix and it’s too good to pass up. This track features Albin Lee Meldau and KC Lights. The two came together to deliver an energetic and passionate track.

Our friend Albin Lee Meldau, is a Singer/Songwriter from Sweden who owns his powerful sound and insane range. He can come in like a freight train and knock you on your ass or take it soft like a preacher does when he wants attention from his listeners. Definitely someone to checkout when you get the time. Now, Albin Lee Meldau’s vocals were taken from his single The weight Is Gone and remixed into 3 separate singles by Glaswegian DJ, musician & producer KC Lights. There is a Strings Dub Remix, a 6 am Remix and an original. They’re all great, but the original remix is the bees knees. 


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