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TyC Wants to ‘Get to Know Ya’ [INTERVIEW]

It wasn’t too long ago that we brought you this gem by TyC.

Turns out the Berklee graduate is sitting on a stash of tunes, this time hitting us with, “Get to Know Ya“, featuring Nerose.

The new release blurs the lines between R&B and Electronica in perfect fashion.

I think what I love most about what I’ve heard so far from TyC is his sound design.  Far from middle of the road, all of his tunes have an accessible and familiar vibe, but the production techniques, instrumentation and arrangements are all complex – adding an originality and energy to make them stand on their own and to help make a TyC track easily distinguishable amongst others.  The new single came together beautifully, grounded by smooth, low-key vocals and blanketed in funky Electronic elements.

During the verses, the vocals are left room to breathe supported by some swinging percussion and flavored with some Middle Eastern sitar-like synths.  The track quickly picks up with a nice build, leading to a funky yet slamming drop.  Heavy, but not overpowering, melodic elements come and go in between the big stabs and pumping drums.  The touch of two vocalists adds another nice dynamic to the track which turns out to be a duet – both artists singing directly to each other speaking from the heart.  While they are not sure how things will turn out, they are both sure, “I wanna get to know ya.”

Check out the tune and then scroll down to get to know TyC via the quick chat we were able to have.

RDFO: Can you tell us about your musical background?

TyC: So I started songwriting and playing guitar at a very early age. I started playing Jazz initially in Cleveland but went on to study classical composition at Berklee College of Music. It was there where I started to learn production and joined the band Carousel. I spent the last years in school on tour, before moving to New York City.  I lived with Sonny Step in Brooklyn and we started our own project shortly after.  I spent 2016 writing and producing with a network of artists, and developing the sound for my debut EP!

RDFO: Your production is always super interesting, who are some of your biggest inspirations?

TyC:  I’m always listening to new music! Keeps me sane these days. Recently I’ve been loving Krane, Sam Gellaitry, Thundercat, Tennyson and MachineDrum. All time favorites would have to be Debussy, Ravel, Coltrane, Miles Davis, Prince and Michael Jackson.

RDFO: We know you were part of a band before you went no your own… can you tell us about the old project?

TyC: I joined Carousel back in college and learned a lot from my good friends Kevin and Jackson (now Daywave). We had a blast playing shows and they were instrumental in my development as an artist. I knew I had to focus on my sound and started producing for my own project.

RDFO: How do you choose who you want to collab with?

TyC: Right now I feature my friends who are all incredibly talented. I write all the music on my EP so I just send them my demos and they never cease to amaze me.

RDFO: What are the pros and cons about being a solo artist as opposed to being in a band.

TyC: Releasing music independently is super hard as it is, but doing it all by myself can be really overwhelming at times. Band life was a blast and it’s all hands on deck. Being a solo artist without a real budget is definitely a tough road, but I’ve learned so much through its difficulties. I write, produce and mix all my stuff so I definitely can get demoitis but being able to finish records from start to finish has really rounded me out as an artist.

RDFO: What is next for you?

TyC: song a month for the rest of the year! I try and make a new track a week at least, whether for myself or another artist for their project. Marketing/PR is what holds me back but once I learn the routine I should be able to line everything up more efficiently! In the beginning of 2018 I’ll start dropping my second EP which I am just way too excited about.

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