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We’ll get through it all, together. Love, R

UK artist Remayn dropped his latest single ‘Coffee & Prozac’ on September 15th and it’s a raw, emotive song about personal struggles, but ones that others can relate to. ‘Sometimes I can’t get to sleep at night’ is the opening lyric, immediately drawing us into a song about battles with mental health.

Questioning whether it is due to past traumas or simply down to ‘my personality’, the song is a very intimate journey, like a diary entry that we are invited to read by Remayn (real name Robert May). It’s a song about being human, haunted by inner turmoils that we sometimes have little control over: ‘So I drink my coffee / And I take my Prozac / But there’s no guarantee / That these feelings won’t come back to me.’

The song features Remayn’s beautiful vocal, which is equal parts powerful and soothing. Minimal acoustic production accompanies his voice, with warm guitar and bass – a perfect combination which is gentle on the ears and soothing on the soul. Whilst the song is tinged with melancholia, it is also somewhat warming and hopeful in the sense that it is an assertion of some level of control over one’s feelings. Through being aware of the fact that these ‘feelings won’t come back to me’, a place of strength is reached. The very act of self-expression is a way of opening the conversation. As Remayn says on his Spotify bio: “Hello, I’m here for you. We’ll get through it all, together. Love, R”.

Let’s hear about the inspiration behind ‘Coffee & Prozac’ in the artist’s own words:

“I’ve struggled with mental health issues from the age of about 6. I’ve had quite a lot of therapy, quite a lot of medication and nothing’s really changed. During lockdown I was furloughed, and it gave me some time for introspection. I basically decided that I was the main issue and that any improvements were going to come from a lifestyle change, not discussing the same things over and over again or taking meds for the sake of it.

I normally don’t write songs that are as confessional as this one, but the people that have heard it have responded really well and have nearly all commented on how they can relate in some way to the song.” – Remayn

Coffee & Prozac is Remayn’s latest release, and a 4 track EP is currently being finalised with a view to recording in November 2020.

Stream Coffee & Prozac on all major streaming platforms right HERE

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