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Wiese Wants A 90s Inspired Romance With “Somebody Else”

In a day and age where dating is considered much more casual than in other decades, it can have you asking: “Where has the love gone?” Eyeing the 90s in particular, Wiese’s new song “Somebody Else” will have you asking for your own classic millennial love story.

“Somebody Else” is a modern, nostalgia-inspired song that puts Wiese directly in his element. The instrumentation focuses around a guitar picking ostinato and swirling synth drops. Packed full of musical sentimentality to bring you back to simpler times, like references to Blink-182, Sade, and Alanis Morissette, it’s clear that there’s a need for romance in this day-and-age. The lyrics harp on the desire for more than a text after midnight, “the ones that don’t play,” and ultimately “just a classic thing that lasts.” Wiese delivers a perfect pop electronic tune and “Somebody Else” has us hoping everyone gets their own simple, harmless rom-com love once we’re out of this COVID mess.

The Norwegian DJ, producer and writer grew up on the same block as Kygo and Alan Walker in Bergen and shares similar inspirations for his music. With his music noted as an “amazing feel good vibe” (Farmington) with “great hooks all-around” (Boulimique de Musique), Wiese is undeniably positioned as a top tier electro artist.

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