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Zach Hood’s new video for “Flashbacks” is a heartbreaking and inspiring look into

Zach Hood, 19 year old artist from Alabama, has officially made the leap from TikTok creator to established recording artist and has shown zero sign of letting up. His viral debut single, “Flashbacks”, has successfully catalyzed Zach’s transition into the mainstream after blowing up on the video sharing platform and has garnered him more than 1 million streams on Spotify alone so far in 2021. More recently, however, the Alabama native released the strikingly powerful visuals for “Flashbacks”, consisting of a series of home-videos that effectively tell Hood’s heartbreaking story of abandonment and maturation. 

“Flashbacks” exhibits Zach Hood’s innate ability to connect with audiences of all ages, culminating in his new visual which is sure to induce emotion in virtually every audience. The track consists of warm vocals, slowly unraveling into a story of loss and overcoming obstacles. Despite the somber tone, the video for “Flashbacks” clearly denotes Hood’s intentions behind the track, signifying growth and the notion that everything happens for a reason. As you watch this young man’s life unfold in front of you, it becomes clear that despite his father’s abandonment he has grown into someone who seeks the best out of life and is capable of sharing those feelings with those around him. There is an unspoken sense of gratitude towards the way that life has panned out, a powerful and inspirational sentiment for anyone who may be feeling lost or helpless. 

As Zach Hood continues to grow and develop as an artist and person, you can expect to be seeing and hearing more from him. His potential resides in the fact that he is unbelievably authentic and vulnerable in his craft. Be assured that when you listen to Zach Hood, you are hearing the real him. This is a quality that we need much more of.

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