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Zoe Ferguson Releases First Bop of 2020 ‘i’m ok.’

Since launching her solo career just last year, I have been keeping a close eye on buzzing Portland based Zoe Ferguson.  Having not even yet finished high school, she already has her eyes on the prize, delivering a number of stand out singles that are as commercially appealing as they are vibey.  With an impressive knack for lyricism and melody coupled with her pristine vocals, Zoe Ferguson has been able to catch the attention of tastemakers around the world in only a few short months. 

After kicking things into gear in 2019, Zoe Ferguson has just unveiled her latest bop, “I’m Ok”.  Written at the top of the year, the new single is a moody, melancholic yet totally pumping tune that features a pulsating electronic production and Zoe’s stunning vocal treatments.  About the meaning behind the tune, Zoe says, “This song is about convincing your friends you are okay, but are you really?

With the end of her high school career fast approaching this summer, Zoe is preparing to take her next step and five head first into music.  With an already impressive discography under her belt and fans around the world paying close attention, Zoe Ferguson is only just getting started.  Do yourself a favor and give her a follow on her socials so you can stay up to date.  

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