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ARUNA and Rameses B Collab on Drum & Bass Tune “Ready to Go”


If you follow trance music, Aruna is a known staple of the genre – lending her breathy, soft vocals to uplifting  tunes and showcasing her writing and production chops to numerous songs released via Enhanced Recordings. Aruna has collaborated with the finest of trance including Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate,  Myon & Shane 54 (when they were still together), Ferry Corsten…the list goes on.

That’s why Aruna’s latest release is a surprising, unfamiliar venture yet it works so so well. She teamed up for some drum & bass vibes with Rameses B on the song “Ready to Go”and the result is a mellow musical composition served extremely chilled. The song doesn’t use Aruna’s vocals, which is another surprise,  but her song writing style is present in the lyrics and accented synths of the production. Is progressive drum & bass a thing? Probably not, BUT I can always get behind laid back drum & bass tune.

This isn’t the first time that Aruna has ventured outside of trance. She collaborated before with house artists Laidback Luke and GTA and has written pop songs. However “Ready to Go” has to be one of her more unique projects. Rameses B is responsible the distinct drum & bass sound and KINGDØMS’s vocals seamlessly complement the beat. Listen  to “Ready to Go” here:

*Written by Layal Brown on behalf of MTS Music: Read more from Layal at, @LayalBrown (Twitter)and @Layal_Brown (Instagram)

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