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Too much Halloween candy? This is what’s “Good For You”

Acceptance of unrequited love. A feeling most of us have encountered (and most likely not accepted) at some point in our lives and the first of two reasons why this track feels familiar to me. The second being the warm tone of the opening piano bearing an uncanny resemblance to the one waiting for me in my living room back home.

Jack Vallier an alternative pop singer-songwriter from Bournemouth, UK has once again teamed up with super talented Bruno Major on a new single, “Good For You.” Jack effortlessly transcribes his feelings into sophisticated lyricism. Throughout the track a sense of nostalgia is felt by the inclusion of an underlying vintage hiss. His ethereal voice builds into harmonic bliss during the choruses whilst rhythmic atmospheric beats tickle below.

If you like what you hear you’ll be glad to know that “Good For You” will be followed by the release of ‘Change Your Mind’ on November 17th.

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