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YAYA Shares New Tune ‘In My Body’

Today we have some more fresh Pop vibes coming out of Sweden.

Songwriter and producer YAYA (Caroline Ljungström) has just unleashed the first of 3 singles due out this Autumn, “In My Body“, and it is a vibrant Pop tune with a bit of 90s nostalgia mixed in.  Catchy top lines and solid vocals float on top of a driving Electronic production.  Ripping arps, growling baselines and bright melodic elements all come together to create an enthralling and memorable soundscape. 

About the track YAYA says, “I have been working quite a while to find out how YAYA is going to develop. With this song everything fell into place. It has also set its mark on the coming release – I feel I have more music to give from the same world. Old melodies, worn out words, twisted synthesizers and new thoughts have been merged and become different songs that all rip off with YAYA 2017.

Starting at a young age studying classical ballet, YAYA is looking to merge her music with impeccable visuals, choreography and performing arts.  Beyond her own tunes, she is looking to collab with and produce for other artists on originals, remixes and co-writes.  In the coming months I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from the Swedish starlet.

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