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Discrete & Sistek Team Up for New Gem ‘Typo’

While Discrete and Sistek may have not yet landed on your radar, both artists have achieved some major accolades in the short time since launching their solo careers.  Hailing from Sweden, Discrete has been able to amass more than 50M streams to date off of his first three singles – and he is just getting started.  Sistek on the other hand first started his career as a guitarist before delving deeper into production and quickly becoming the highest streamed Electronic producer from Chile.  

For their new collaboration, “Typo”, Discrete and Sistek kick things up a notch, creating a catchy af, commercially appealing, Dance/Pop smash.  Originally written by Sistek and featured vocalist Tudor after an all night session, Discrete fell in love with the tune and invited Sistek to Sweden to finalize it.  About how the collaboration came to happen, Discrete says, “I met Sistek in early 2019 and invited him to collaborate with me at my studio. I heard the potential in “Typo” already the first time he played it for me. I asked Victoria Voss if she wanted to take this song to the next step, and within a day we had finished the song. Sistek and I polished the production soon thereafter.” 

After bringing in vocalist Voss, the single began to take shape in its final form – and the vibes were undeniable.  The resulting product has Discrete and Sistek pitting girl against boy in the extremely catchy electro pop gem which finds lovers sorting through their mixed feelings during a two-way dispute.  Based around a beautiful guitar riff, the track brings a pumping energy, uplifting feel and dynamic arrangement that helps to keep the listener hooked from beginning to end.  With both Tudor and Voss taking turns on vocals, they make sure to leave their mark while the production sways beneath.  With each artist bringing their own flavor, the new release is a beautiful blend of influences from mainstream Pop to Tropical House and R&B

About the track Sistek says, “Maybe the all-nighter induced Tudor and me to dig into emotions that we might otherwise not have explored. When I brought the song to Sweden, Discrete and Victoria sustained that momentum. We barely had time to think. We just rode our instincts all the way to the finish.”  

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